Chelsea Flower Show photo journal

In only three weeks, this empty plot has to be transformed into a showgarden that will impress the judges and delight the crowd. »

Chelsea Flower Show empty garden plot

At the end of the first week the underlying structure to the garden is in place. Although the largest trees have already arrived, it seems impossible to imagine that the rest of the garden will be complete in only another 14 days. »

Chelsea Flower Show underlying garden design structure

In just three weeks the site has been transformed into a beautiful garden that looks as though it has been sitting in the Cotswolds for generations.

The TV presenter Alan Titchmarsh made several TV broadcasts from the garden. »

Chelsea Flower Show finished garden design

On the morning of the Queen's visit, special visitors are allowed a preview. The world's press are all keen to get a first glimpse of the Embankment gardens. »

Christine Pritchard speaking to UK Prime Minister John Major at the Chelsea Flower Show